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Global Organic Textile Standard

KMK Digital is a EU-based, European company whose business is focused on the production and trade of clothing and textile printing. The company has its own distribution network and manufacturing facilities around Europe, and puts a lot of energy and effort in stimulating and supporting the creativity of more than 60 young designers from the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Germany, Netherlands and Italy. In 2013 KMK Digital established its own brand - KMK, focused primarily on custom-design T-shirts. Each year we present our customers with new custom-design series, which are not only manufactured using the most advanced environmentally friendly technologies for materials and printing, but are also produced entirely in the European Union. In the production process of our products, the standards for health and safety protection of both our customers and our employees are an important cornerstone of our business conduct.


KMK DIGITAL has created the regional website teniska.eu exclusively for Bulgaria. The site is entirely translated in Bulgarian language and offers the same product range as http://kmk-digital.eu/

The high standards met by the technology we use, makes our products suitable for young children and babies. KMK Digital is an exclusive representative for KOBY - limited custom-design children and baby clothing, children and baby mattresses created by Koby Animated Design Studio.

KMK Digital presents the following series for 2015: Sports Motivation, Bruce Lee, Secret Societies, Scandinavian mythology, vampires, and superheroes. Our series can be ordered via our online shop ....here


If you are a resident of London or Berlin you can enjoy a 5% discount for the entire 2015.

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